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Learn. Boost. Innovate.

NEWDIGISHIP Project aims to improve digital entrepreneurship knowledge between young people

New digital business models

Digital awareness

Communication and cooperation

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About the project

Erasmus+ Project (2022-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000086085)

Today's youth spend time on digital entertainment and social networks. This makes them more passive state and have difficulty to express themselves, self-confidence and critical thinking, etc.

We do not want youth to be passive spectators; we want them to become entrepreneurs by taking advantage of digital opportunities. One of the goals we want to achieve is to guide young people as the digital entrepreneurs of the future to be more participative individuals in societies.


Work Packages

The project is composed by different Work Packages that structure the hole works to be done in the frame of the project. Here you can find detailed information about each!

WP1. Project Management

This Work Package is focused on Project Management (online meetings, TPMs, monitoring, risks analysis, reporting, etc.)

WP2. How to become a digital entrepreneur? (training)

The Work Package will consist of the following sub-modules:

1- Developing a curriculum for digital entrepreneurship for young people

2- Mentoring and support for the start of digital entrepreneurship for young people” handbook

3- Digital Entrepreneurship Handbook

4- Web tools and E-learning/E-Book “Digital Entrepreneurship e-Learning platform for young people

WP3. Mobility Activities

This Work Package includes some mobility activities for staff and young participants:

1. Mobility in Valencia for Staff

2. Mobility in Malta for Staff

3. Mobility in Hungary for Young participants

4. Mobility in Germany for Young participants

WP4. Multiplier Events and dissemination

This work package is focused on reaching young people, dissemination of resources created in Universities and youth associations, reach relevant stakeholders and promote the visibility of the cooperation actions of the Erasmus+


Working to reduce the rising unemployment rates among young people in a constantly changing world

Unemployed youth can benefit from e-learning platforms to be created for digital entrepreneurship initiative and "NEWDIGISHIP touchpoint" support tools and mechanisms created locally. It empowers unemployed youth for digital entrepreneurship startups by developing an innovative and up-to-date handbook as well as an online course. It offers better quality opportunities for unemployed youth to develop their innovation and creativity skills for digital entrepreneurship.

Online training




The objectives of NEWDIGISHIP Project are focused on fostering digital entrepreneurship knowledge and supporting young people to start a digital business!

Promote digital entrepreneurship between young people (18-28 years old)

Transforming the society by offering new opportunities to young people

Transferring the results to the other countries and institutions

Support young people in order to facilitate the process of digital entrepreneurship

Decreasing the levels of youth unemployment by working on digital entrepreneurship

Promotion of Youth Workers recognition and the activation of cross-sectoral collaborations that enhance their role in school contexts and in parallel with teaching activity

Support youth workers and leaders by providing them tools related with digital entrepreneurship

Improve resilience, emotion management and develop meaningful relationships

Introduce new technologies such as mobile computing, data analytics, e-learning, cloud computing, blockchain, social media marketing





Asociación Esplai Social (coordinator)

Calle Boqueras, 111b entlo 23

12550 Almazora

Castellón, Spain

"Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywere" 
(Albert Einstein)

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