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European Commission Reviews Meta’s Compliance with Digital Services Act

The European Commission has initiated a review of Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, to determine if their practices align with the Digital Services Act (DSA). This initiative is part of the Commission's ongoing efforts to ensure a fair and safe digital environment, aligning closely with the goals of the NEWDIGISHIP project, which supports young digital entrepreneurs.

Advertising and Information Accuracy

The Commission is examining how Meta handles advertising and manages information, aiming to ensure that digital ads and content are clear and honest, supporting a trustworthy market environment.

Management of Political Content

The review includes a look at how Meta handles political content on its platforms, focusing on maintaining transparency and fairness in how this content is presented to users.

Tools for Election Monitoring

The transition away from CrowdTangle, previously used for monitoring elections, is also under scrutiny. The goal is to ensure that new tools adequately support transparency in civic engagement on digital platforms.

For young entrepreneurs participating in the NEWDIGISHIP project, this review serves as a crucial lesson in the importance of adhering to digital standards and regulations. It highlights the need for startups to build their businesses on principles of transparency and trust, essential for long-term success in the digital arena.

As the Commission conducts its review, it’s an excellent opportunity for those in the digital entrepreneurship community to follow the developments. Understanding these regulatory processes will help new entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of digital operations and innovate responsibly.

For ongoing updates and detailed information, visit the EU Commission's official press corner:

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